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The Griffith Family

By November 15, 2023No Comments

Adopt-a-Family Fundraising Goal – $1,500

Please note that the names have been changed and stock images used in these stories to protect the privacy and safety of the individuals involved. We understand the importance of confidentiality, especially in sensitive situations. Our aim is to share their stories with respect and dignity, without compromising their anonymity. By using aliases, we ensure that the focus remains on the essence of their experiences and the support they need, while safeguarding their personal identities. Thank you for understanding and respecting their privacy as you read and consider supporting their journeys.

From the family:
“On Mother’s Day, our car broke down, and since then, we’ve been unable to afford the repairs. It’s been a challenging summer and start to the school year, with my children missing out on summer activities and us struggling to attend necessary appointments. Moving here was a fresh start for us after escaping an abusive situation, but this setback has been disheartening. We’ve had to rely heavily on family who live an hour away. Any assistance would be a huge relief for us.”

Meet the Griffith Family, a resilient group facing unexpected challenges. Their journey began with a hopeful move to start anew after escaping an abusive past. However, an untimely car breakdown on Mother’s Day left them without reliable transportation, casting a shadow over their fresh start. Summer passed with the children missing out on activities and essential appointments became a struggle. Despite their courage and determination, the lack of mobility has been more than just an inconvenience; it’s been a constant reminder of their vulnerability. Your donation can lift this burden, offering them the freedom to move forward and truly begin anew. Let’s come together to turn their story of perseverance into one of triumph.

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